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Threading removes the entire hair follicle and is a hair removal method that lasts up hair in order to trap it in a
tiny lasso; and it lifts the hair completely out of the follicle. Threading is only recommended for the face and neck.
Threading is a highly sanitary procedure. When done correctly, nothing will touch the skin except the thread,
which is disposed after use. People who have trouble getting their brows properly shaped often find that the
concise hair removal achieved with threading is the only method that can get their brows right, whereas waxing,
sugaring, and tweezing fail.
There are some instances where alternate hair removal methods such as waxing and sugaring conflict with
medicines a person is taking or their skin condition. Threading is a quick and safe method of facial hair removal.
Threading has no contraindications.
be at least 1/16th of an inch.Threading is an art that’s passed down through generations. For threading to work,
the hair to be removed must
Threading hurts and is comparable to tweezing, where you feel every hair that’s being removed.  Different people
experience different pain levels.  Sneezing, watery eyes and redness of the area threaded are common body
responses while doing this service and for some time after. The severity depends on individual skin type. This is
self limiting and goes away within a few minutes.

Threading is not just a regular service, it is an art.
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