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SKIN TYPE: Rough | Dry | Flaky & Ashy | Surface Lines | Deeper Wrinkles | Crow’s Feet | Age Spots | SunSpots | Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation | Uneven Skin Tone | Mild to Severe Acne-Prone |Enlarged Pores | Open Comedones | Rough, Dry, Aging Lips | Whistle Lines | Mild Scars | Milia |Non-Cancerous Sebaceous Hyperplasia & ‘Horny Bumps’ | Skin of Any Ethnicity or Color


Time-released microcapsules of Retinol and Retinaldehyde, the two most potent retinoids without a
prescription, are blended with the plant-derived Vitamin A alternative, Bakuchiol, the powerful skin
rebuilding peptide, Matrixyl® Synthe’6TM, and a retinoid/peptide booster for rapid surface rejuvenation
and visible clearing of the skin

Retinol ReSurfacing Complex produces a long timeline of benefits (see ACTIONS) due to four sustained-
release ingredient technologies that infuse Retinol, Retinaldehyde, Beta Carotene and Matrixyl Synthe’6

throughout skin’s layers, ensuring higher amounts of each ingredient are delivered via time-released
dispersion without inducing irritation.

While all retinoids produce the same skin benefits - including softening and refining skin’s surface, smooth-
ing surface lines and wrinkles, firming contours, normalizing pigmentation, refining pores, reducing open

comedones and clearing visible signs of acne - in order to be effective it is known that retinoids must be
converted to retinoic acid, the prescription form of Vitamin A, before they can start their work in the skin.
The conversion path is:
Beta Carotene > Retinol > Retinaldehyde > Retinoic Acid
This means Retinaldehyde converts more quickly to bioavailable Vitamin A while Retinol and Beta
Carotene convert more slowly. Because of this phased conversion, a natural retinoid reservoir forms
within the skin, allowing cells to draw upon the reserve as they process each form into retinoic acid. Once
converted, cells located within the skin - including keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes, sebaceous and
immune cells - can utilize retinoic acid to improve multiple issues of aging and acne-prone skin.
In addition to the above, retinoids have been found to have a positive effect on 8 of the Hallmarks of Aging1,2, as discussed in the Cell Youth ActifTM Product Profile. They are:
1. Genetic instability  5. Deregulated nutrient sensing
2. Epigenetic alterations  6. Cell senescence
3. Stem cell exhaustion  7. Mitochondrial dysfunction
4. Altered intercellular communication  8. Loss of proteostasis


For this reason, it is recommended to be used daily with Cell Youth ActifTM for a complete longevity effect
on cells throughout the skin.
Broadening the effects of Retinol and Retinaldehyde is Bakuchiol, a molecule similar to the potent
antioxidant, Resveratrol. Bakuchiol improves the same areas of skin as retinoids without the irritation
and photosensitivity commonly seen with many Vitamin A derivatives. Studies show this is due to the
fact that, while it is not molecularly similar to Retinol, Bakuchiol affects the same gene expression as
Retinol, allowing the molecule to be safely worn 24/7 with no adverse effects. Bakuchiol has been clinically
demonstrated to reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles as efficiently and in the same timeframe as
Retinol, showing significant improvement in lines and wrinkles, elasticity, firmness and overall reduction
in photo-damage. It is a highly effective antioxidant far superior to Vitamin E and increases the skin’s own
natural antioxidants, thereby protecting skin’s energy centers while interfering with a variety of inflammatory
free-radical-producing systems. In addition, Bakuchiol boosts Retinol performance for faster improvement,
making it an ideal partner to the already potent retinoids in this formula.
Matrixyl® Synthe’6®, a super-peptide that mimics two of skin’s essential proteins, increases the synthesis
of 6 major skin constituents to help smooth wrinkles and rebuild facial contours from the inside. When
applied twice a day at the percentage featured in this complex, clinical tests show that Matrixyl® Synthe’6®
provides a 3-dimensional decrease in wrinkles from 31% to 100% in volunteers aged 42-70.
Boosting the effects of retinoids, peptides and the skin’s innate growth factors, Allosteris, a natural extract
from soybeans, has been shown to increase results from retinol by almost four times than when retinol is
used alone. On its own, research shows Allosteris increases hydration, clarity and firmness, and decreases
wrinkles and flakiness.
Time-released retinoids, a soothing molecule from licorice and cortisone-like Cortinhib inhibit the possibility
of ‘retinol burn’ - the stinging, redness and peeling commonly experienced with Vitamin A treatments.
Most clients will find this lightweight fluid gentle enough to be used around the eyes to smooth the aging
effects of “crow’s feet”, and around the mouth to smooth laugh and “whistle” lines while making lips softer,
smoother and slightly plumper.
Pair Retinol ReSurfacing Complex with light therapy and other non-ablative age-corrective treatments for
maximum resurfacing effects. Unlike lasers, peels and injections, the results from Retinol ReSurfacing
Complex continue to build overtime, helping skin regain visible smoothness and clarity with continued use.
Unlike other retinoid products, this complex may be applied AM/PM when worn under minimum SPF50
during the day.
Does not contain parabens, colorants, gluten, synthetic fragrance or BHT.

Retinol Resurfacing Complex

$105.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price
  • Overnight:
    • Rough, dry, flaky, ashy skin becomes noticeably smoother
    In 24-to-48 Hours:
    • Lips feel softer, smoother and slightly plumper
    Within One Week:
    • Surface lines begin to plump and visibly soften
    • Age spots, sun spots, uneven pigmentation and discolorations from inflammation begin to fade
    • Surface blemishes visibly lessen
    Within One Month:
    • Whistle lines, crow’s feet, deeper wrinkles, enlarged pores and mild scars become less noticeable
    • Clears visible imperfections in acne-prone skin, including surface blemishes and open comedones
    • Retexturizes non-cancerous sebaceous hyperplasia and ‘horny bumps’
    Within 2-6 Months:
    • Whistle lines, crow’s feet, deeper wrinkles, enlarged pores, mild scars, age spots, uneven skin
    tone and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation continue to improve

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