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Skin Type: Aging | Acne-Prone | Discolored | Rough | Scaly | Sun-Damaged | Ashy | Clogged Pores | SkinPreviously Intolerant of Glycolic Acid



Minimize visible imperfections within days with this exclusive complex of clinically-proven
soothing Plant Extracts plus a total of 15% Mandelic and Lactic Acids and the next generation in AHAs – the patented AHAminoPlexTM molecule, developed by the pioneers of AHA skin therapy, Drs. Van Scott and Yu.
Produced via a unique bonding process that attaches Arginine, a naturally-derived Amino Acid, to the pure Glycolic Acid molecule, AHAminoPlex prolongs glycolic delivery into skin over a period of eight- to-sixteen minutes. This controlled delivery system avoids the severe spike of irritation that occurs within seconds of applying unbound, unconrtrollable Glycolic Acid. Tests comparing the AHAminoPlex molecule to uncontrolled glycolic acid show both acids produce the same exfoliation, cell turnover, hydration and other age-fighting benefits. But only AHAminoPlex has a controlled delivery system that
allows skin to tolerate the acid with little-to-no sensations of irritation – including stinging, burning and redness – even on the first use (some sensitive skin may experience passive discomfort during the first few applications).
The AHAminoPlex molecule is accompanied by irritation-free Mandelic and Lactic Acids attached to a dedicated delivery vehicle. Together, these ingredients achieve a 15% AHA level at 3.5 pH.
The largest molecule in the AHA family, Mandelic Acid is limited to the skin’s surface, ensuring it is irritation-free, yet its effects go deep to reduce all forms of visible hyperpigmentation, help clear pores, control surface blemishes, increase cell turnover and dissolve unwanted surface cells for an immediately fresher, smoother afterfeel. Although Mandelic Acid is derived from bitter almonds, many dermatologists believe it is safe for use by those with nut allergies due to its lack of penetration and the absence of nut protein - the actual cause of nut allergies. Even so, it is advised to perform a patch
or allergy test prior to use by those with nut allergies.
To further minimize the risk of redness, tingling and stinging, Age-Limit contains clinically-tested levels of time-released EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside) along with a Brazilian plant complex of Kola, Mate and Guarana clinically-proven to reduce the irritating effects of AHAs.
This remarkable serum is a self-preserving formula that relies on Glycolic and Lactic Acids combined with two humectants to provide stability and protect from microbial contamination for a year or longer.
Age-Limit is developed for all skin types, even those that have been unable to use glycolic acid in the past. This skin-hugging gel won’t flake, crack, peel or discolor. When stored in a cool, darkened area, the stability of this formula is guaranteed for at least one year.
Does not contain preservatives, fragrance, colorants, oil or parabens.

Age - Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum

  • • Reveals fresh, ultra-smooth skin

    • Minimizes imperfections – including lines, wrinkles & enlarged pores
    • Lifts away discolorations
    • Eliminates ashiness
    • Controls breakouts & clogged pores

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