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From the canvas of skin to the core of wellness, our team represents a fusion of expertise and passion. Dr. Alaukika, with her pharmaceutical precision, crafts the essence of Altivo's excellence. Vaishali, our artistic esthetician, transforms skincare into an art form, ensuring every touch enhances natural beauty. Arundhati, our Family Nurse Practitioner, bridges medical acumen with aesthetic aspirations, offering a holistic approach to beauty. Together, they elevate Beauty & Beyond, creating a sanctuary where science, art, and care converge.

Image by Chang Duong

D Pharm. - Altivo Skin Care products

Dr. Alaukika: The Pharmacist Behind Altivo's Excellence

For over a decade, Altivo Skin Care products have stood as a testament to the unparalleled quality and expertise of Beauty & Beyond Skin Care Center. With a diverse array of over 30 products, Altivo has carved a niche for itself, catering to various skin types and addressing a multitude of concerns. From rejuvenating cleansers to potent serums, each product is crafted with precision and a commitment to innovation.

Central to Altivo's success is the pharmaceutical acumen of Dr. Alaukika. As a distinguished consulting Pharmacist, she brings a wealth of knowledge and ensures that every Altivo formulation is both safe and effective. It's this unique blend of skincare and pharmaceutical expertise that sets Altivo apart, promising an unmatched skincare experience for its valued customers.

Nurse Practitioner

Arundhati: The Heartbeat of Medical Excellence at Beauty & Beyond Family

​Arundhati, a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner, brings a depth of medical expertise to Beauty & Beyond Skin Care Center. Her extensive experience and knowledge make her an invaluable asset as a visiting medical consultant. She's not just about medical care; Arundhati's approach is deeply rooted in understanding individual needs, ensuring that every client receives personalized and evidence-based advice.

Her commitment seamlessly aligns with the center's ethos of enhancing natural beauty. By merging her medical proficiency with the aesthetic goals of the center, Arundhati ensures a holistic experience for clients. It's this unique blend of care that empowers clients to embrace their beauty with confidence and wellness.

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