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SKIN TYPE: Mild Acne-Prone | Moderate Acne-Prone | Severe Acne-Prone | Oily | Congested


Skin with visible imperfections will find fast relief from soothing, pore-purifying Zinc oxide and
Eucalyptus essential oil, oil-reducing Zinc PCA, shine-reducing Sulphur and astringent Witch Hazel
This deep cleansing, oil-absorbing masque cools reactive skin as it works in minutes to purify pores,
free skin of unwanted oil and surface cells, decongest and begin drying imperfections.
Improvement is obvious as soon as the masque is removed. May be used daily as a ‘spot’ treatment for
troubled areas, or as an all-over treatment 1-3 times a week.
Does not contain retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, colorants, synthetic fragrance or parabens.

Zinc & Sulphur Masque

  • • Fast-relief for oily, congested & acne-prone skin
    • Zinc blend controls oil, visibly clears imperfections
    • Great for ‘spot’ treatments
    • Skin looks clearer, acts healthier immediately

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